Middlesplit Mastery

Stop Neglecting Your Flexibility!

Your body is your vehicle. Just like you wouldn’t neglect to get your oil changed, you shouldn’t neglect training flexibility. Flexibility is a vital part of your training, leaving it out limits your movement and increases your risk of injury.

It’s time to get your middlesplit. Whether you have never stretched before or already have a full middlesplit this course has something for you. Starting from the basics, I will guide you through over a full year of progressive programming tailored to getting and improving your middlesplit. Gradually working your way up to skills that are challenging for even the strongest and most flexible athletes.

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Have You Been Stretching Like This?

  • Once or twice a week after your workout
  • Random stretches that you've seen on social media
  • Holds for 30 seconds or less
  • No dedicated strength work to support your flexibility training

How long have you been doing that without seeing progress?

I’ve been there…  An ex-hockey player, as stiff as a board. I couldn’t touch my toes let alone do the splits. Smash cut to almost a decade later and I can move my body in almost any way I like.

You Get What Works

This course compiles everything I’ve learned in my years of training and education on stretching and flexibility. No more guessing what stretches to do, no more 30 sec swipe workouts or promises of splits in 30 days. Only evidence-based drills and programing with the single goal of getting you to your middlesplit in the safest most sustainable way possible.

  • Safe progressive programming for all levels
  • Dedicated strength work to support your joints as you gain flexibility
  • Specific drills and stretches targeting your middlesplit
  • Video tutorials explaining every exercise
  • Follow along workouts for every session
  • Evidence based protocols for increasing range of motion

What You Get With This Course

Guided Program

The program is laid out with an easy to follow format. You can come in every day knowing exactly what to do.
No need to stop to figure out what exercises to do. No confusion on when to work out and what days to rest. Everything is ready for you.

12 follow-along workouts

Every workout in the program has a follow-along option for you to do. They are a full class led by me from beginning to end.

A Detailed PDF Download

The Middlesplit Mastery PDF contains everything you need to make the most of this program with detailed explanations of everything in an accessible format, which includes hyperlinks to every workout and exercise tutorial.

Progressive programming for every level

No matter your level Middlesplit Mastery has something for you. Not only that, it will guide you step by step from where you are to a full middlesplit.

30+ In-Depth Exercise Tutorials

In depth tutorials for every movement are housed on the PDF.

Over 12 months of programmed training

Middlesplit Mastery implements progressive overload to ensure that you build strength.

INSTANT ACCESS. Workout WHEN and WHERE you want.

After purchasing Middlesplit Mastery, you will have immediate access to the program and all of its contents.

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What members are saying...

- Fransisco Vargas

After trying the Garrett Movement's beginner/intermediate program I was pleasantly surprised at how much can be done through bodyweight workouts. Usually, I don't do bodyweight exercises; choosing barbell or dumbbell workouts over bodyweight, but since the gyms are closed I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try this video out. It was not only a refreshing way to start the day, but I found that I could do the workout 2 or 3 times a day since it was short enough. Although it was short, it doesn't take away from how challenging it was, but not overly challenging. As I said before, I don't do bodyweight exercises, so it was nice to struggle a bit with new workouts I had never done before. The workout was also very easy to follow and had easier alternatives which made it very easy to follow and to do if you are a complete beginner. Every set of workouts were very well thought out and purposeful, but also flowed well together to challenge you. I thought it was very helpful that Garrett worked out along with his audience and this made it easier to pick up the form and to complete the workouts. It was very fun and enjoyable and I now also have some very helpful warmups and stretches to do before any workout. I am looking forward to Garrett's new programs and workouts as I know they will be fun, creative, and challenging.

- Fransisco Vargas
- Mohammad Nahle

Training with Garrett was the best thing I've had throughout my training journey, he helped me a lot in getting stronger in my handstand practice and to get a solid base in my pulling strength. The program was straight to the point with no time-wasting nonsense. I'd recommend getting a coach if you want to reach your goals faster and Garrett would be the perfect coach for setting up a well-rounded program.

- Mohammad Nahle
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15-day Money Back Guarantee

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How do I sign-up for this course?

Click a "Start Today" button and you'll be taken to a secure checkout page. Complete checkout process and you're all done!

Is there a suggested level for this course?

This is an All Levels course. Perfect for anyone who wants to work on their middlesplit

How long do I have access to this course?

Once you purchase the course, it is yours! You will always have access to it as long as the course is live on my site.

Is there any equipment required for this course?

Yes. There are modifications for everything, but ideally, you would have access to:
1. 2 chairs
2. Ankle weights
3. Dumbells or a Barbell
4. A pair of yoga blocks

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