Handstand Fundamentals

Have you always wanted to nail a handstand but have no idea where to start?

Handstand Fundamentals is tailor-made to take you from where you are to a free-standing handstand. This course contains everything you need to build a solid foundation for YOUR HANDSTAND PRACTICE.

Ready to get upside-down?

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Are you kicking up repeatedly and hoping that some day you will stay?

  • You need to build strength and capacity in the correct muscle groups
  • Learn alignment to stay straight and stacked upside-down
  • Learn how to enter a handstand efficiently
  • Work on your flexibility and get your shoulders stacked above your wrists

Starting out, I had all of those problems…

Kicking up into a handstand in the middle of a yoga class and falling back down again and again. For the past seven years, I have been OBSESSED with handstands. This program has all of my years of learning from every teacher I could find, trying and failing thousands of times, condensed into one course. Handstand Fundamentals is everything you need to begin or enhance your handstand practice.

This program has everything you need to get upside-down and STAY upside-down.

Unfortunately, I am not with you in-person to guide you through this course. Even if I were, I believe that you have the power to be your own best coach. That is why this program is structured to fit you! Learning to handstand is a journey that will take time. It is a practice that will be continuous and challenging. This course is here to support and coach you through those challenges. And ultimately will take you to your goal of free-standing handstand.

What You Need: access to a wall, an open space, and patience with the process.

  • No equipment required
  • Skill specific drills designed to build balance
  • Mobility and flexibility workouts specifically designed to prepare you for being upside-down
  • Theory videos covering everything from common mistakes to the handstand line
  • Conditioning workouts to build strength specifically for handstand
  • Color coded level-based progressions with sets and reps

What You Get with this Course

Guided Program

Handstand Fundamentals is laid out with an easy to follow format, you can come in every day knowing exactly what to do. Find your level, find your progressions, and get started. You've got this!

A Detailed PDF Download

The Handstand Fundamentals PDF contains everything you need to make the most of this program. Each exercise progression is color-coded for you to work at your level. Learn as you go and make it your own!

Skill Specific Drills and Conditioning

Work your way through drills designed to help you find balance. Enter handstand with ease, strengthen your shoulders, and stack your body to create a rock-solid foundation to balance on.

11 Video Modules

Eleven videos that you can watch and work through at your own pace. No rush, learn as you go.

7 Theory Videos

Seven videos talking about beginner handstands. Go into every exercise with all the tools you need to make the most of each workout.

3 Skill Specific Warmups

Three warmups built to mobilize and prepare your wrists, shoulders, and lower-body for handstands.

INSTANT ACCESS. Train WHEN and WHERE you want.

After purchasing Handstand Fundamentals, you will have immediate access to the program and all of its contents. Get started today!

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What members are saying...

Kolya Bobbit

I knew close to nothing about handstands or yoga when I first started being taught by Garrett: I had bad body awareness and wasn’t very strong or flexible. Now I have a stronger handstand and yoga practice than I ever thought I would have. Garrett helped me push myself to my limits, while ensuring the safety and health of my body. He gave me an environment where I felt comfortable to learn and train. I wouldn’t be nearly as confident in who I am today if I hadn’t trained with Garrett, and am endlessly happy I chose him as my personal trainer.

Kolya Bobbit
- Mohamad Nahle

Mohammad Nahle

Training with Garrett was the best thing I've had throughout my training journey, he helped me a lot in getting stronger in my handstand practice and to get a solid base in my pulling strength. The program was straight to the point with no time-wasting nonsense. I'd recommend getting a coach if you want to reach your goals faster and Garrett would be the perfect coach for setting up a well-rounded program.

- Mohamad Nahle
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Do I already need to be able to do a handstand?

No. This course is built to get you to your first free standing handstand.

How long do I have access to this course?

Once you purchase the course it is yours. You will always have access to it as long as the course is live on my site.

Is there any equipment required for this course?

Nope. All you need is an open space to train and access to a wall.

How long and how often are the training sessions?

Depending on how much you do anywhere from 45 min to 1.5 hours 4 times a week.

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Course price = $99 (one-time)