Bodyweight ZERO

Are you ready to start your bodyweight strength training journey?

Bodyweight ZERO contains everything you need to make the most of your bodyweight strength training, and I encourage you to do just that. This program is here to give you the tools and techniques you need to get yourself to YOUR GOALS.

This is YOUR JOURNEY, no more waiting, START NOW!

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Has starting your bodyweight strength training been a challenge?

  • What exercises am I supposed to do?
  • Can I gain muscle and get strong with just my bodyweight?
  • I am fairly athletic, but I need some guidance getting started
  • I don't have time or money to spend 3 hours at a gym every day

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there…  An ex-hockey player who couldn’t play hockey anymore. I had just recovered from an autoimmune illness, I was physically drained, I couldn’t do 3 pushups or touch my toes.

I needed somewhere to start...

That’s why I built Bodyweight ZERO. To give you a place to START. Whether you have never done a pushup or you want more of a challenge. Bodyweight ZERO is the start and jumping-off point to pursue your GOALS.

The reality is, I am not with you in-person to guide you through this course. Even if I were, I believe that you have the power to be your own best coach. That is why this program is structured to fit YOU! Each exercise progression is tailored to you and your current experience level. Learn as you go and make it your own. If any exercise is not right for you and your body don’t do it. Otherwise, keep going, bump it up, push harder and surpass this program.

  • No equipment required
  • 30-40 min workouts built to fit into your schedule
  • Full-body workouts structured to build strength and mobility in your entire body
  • Everything you need: sets and reps tailored to you
  • Every workout video led by me
  • BONUS Vinyasa yoga class to further your movement practice

What You Get with this Course

Guided Program

The program is laid out with an easy to follow format. You can come in every day knowing exactly what to do.
No need to stop to figure out what exercises to do. No confusion on when to work out and what days to rest. Everything is ready for you.

3 Workout Videos

Two workouts and a bonus yoga class! Both workouts are built around strengthening and increasing your range of motion in your whole body. The yoga class is sequenced to complement the program by moving your body in the ranges of motion the workouts don't. The best part is this program requires no equipment and you can follow along seamlessly!

A Detailed PDF Download

The Bodyweight ZERO PDF contains everything you need to make the most of this program, and I encourage you to do just that. Each exercise progression is color-coded for you to work at your level. Learn as you go and make it your own!

INSTANT ACCESS. Workout WHEN and WHERE you want.

After purchasing Bodyweight ZERO, you will have immediate access to the program and all of its contents.

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1X1 Training

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What members are saying...

- Rocki Birk

I’ve known Garrett for many years now and have watched him evolve from a student into a teacher. As a teacher, it is his dedication and humility that makes him stand out amongst others. Garrett’s teachings have improved my practice immensely from strengthening a hand balance practice that was already there to bringing me back to basics to gain a stronger foundation. He offers help at all levels and is always willing to look at every aspect as he formulates solutions. He is an amazing teacher and is clearly living out his dharma.

- Rocki Birk
- Andi Collins

Garrett is the best yoga teacher I have ever had... and I have had many! He is kind, gentle and hard, all at the same time. He pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone, but in the most subtle of ways. Little steps by little steps, except when he knows I’m capable, then he will push me harder.
During these strange times he and I have been doing virtual yoga and it’s as though he is in the room with me.
I love doing yoga with Garrett!

- Andi Collins
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How do I sign up for this course?

Simply click one of the "Start Today" buttons and you'll be taken to a secure checkout page. Complete checkout and you're all done!

Is there a suggested level for this Course?

No. You can Get a good workout with this course wether you are a beginner or already have exercise experience.

How long do I have access to this course?

Once you purchase the course it is yours. You will always have access to it as long as the course is live on my site.

Is there any equipment required for this course?

No, all you need for this is yourself and an open space to train in. Though We do use a pair of yoga blocks for one progression they are by no means necessary

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